Frequently Asked Questions


  • What payment methods do you support? For customers purchasing videos, we support the major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We do not support Paypal payments, Bitcoin payments, or any other proprietary monetary system at this time.

  • Why don’t you support paypal? Our intent is to keep our payment platform as cost-effective as possible for both our publishers and ourselves. Paypal takes percentages of every transaction and since most online consumers have access to a standard credit or debit card, we have opted for that method.

  • How much does Pivotshare take out of my channel earnings? There are no monthly fees, no starting fees, and no hidden fees. Pivotshare just takes 30% of any incoming revenues.

  • How and when do I get paid by Pivotshare? Once a publisher’s channel has earned enough income (at least $25, or higher if set by the publisher) we mail out a check at the beginning of every month. Automatic payments are in the works and will be announced very soon.

  • What currencies does Pivotshare support? Currently, all payments accepted and sent by Pivotshare are in United States Dollars (USD$).

  • Can I change my pricing once I’ve tested out my channel? Pivotshare is self-service, so 24 hours a day you can log into the Publisher Console and change prices, upload new media, disable out of date material or promote your new favorites, all with a few clicks of the keyboard.

  • How much will I get paid? The amount of money you earn from your media depends on a number of factors including the popularity of your content, the price of your content, and the quantity of your content. We cannot make any guarantees about minimum earnings through Pivotshare.


  • How can my customers access my videos? Selling with Pivotshare means your videos are automatically purchasable and/or watchable on a myriad of technology platforms. In some cases, only playback is supported if the video file has been downloaded by the user. The following list clarifies which technology is known to be compatible, and in what ways:

    • Desktop/Laptop computers
    • iPhone/iPod Touch
    • iPad
    • Android Mobile (purchasing supported on all modern versions, secure playback through apps)
    • Android Tablet (purchasing supported on all modern versions, secure playback through apps)
    • AppleTV (via Airplay)
    • Amazon Kindle (purchasing only, playback requires file download and transfer)
    • Blackberry (purchasing only)
    • Xbox 360 (via file download and transfer)
    • Playstation 3 (via file download and transfer)
    • Smart TV systems (via web browser)

  • What Codecs and Filetypes can I upload? The list of filetypes and codecs we can accept is pretty long, so we put together this handy PDF document for your reference. Click to download the supported codecs document.

  • Can I integrate Pivotshare into my Wordpress site? The Pivotshare Embed Player works on just about any site, including Wordpress.

  • How do I embed a video in my own site? If you have a pre-existing website and just want to pop a monetized video into it, Pivotshare’s Embed Player is the perfect solution. All you have to do is visit your Publisher Console, find the video you’d like to embed and click the “Embed Code” button underneath the corresponding preview image. Copy the resulting code and Paste it into your site wherever you see fit. Voila, the embed is live.

  • How much customization is available to me? Both Pivotshare Channels and the Pivotshare Embed Player offer customization, and in fact we encourage every publisher to make use of it. Our product designs are simple enough to allow a publisher to simply make use of images (thumbnails, poster images, logos, and background images) to transform their Pivotshare products into unique, self-branded experiences for their customers. For even richer white-labeling, Pivotshare offers fully-branded iOS and Android Apps and more. Get in touch to discuss.

  • Do you support 1080p video? You can send us video at 1080p, our system will then store multiple versions at different bit rates, ensuring that we deliver the perfect experience depending on bandwidth availability and processor speeds.

  • Can I upload as much video as I want? We have a 300 minute/month quota on video uploads. Because we are a self-service platform, Pivotshare uses this quota to protect our company from streaming and encoding fees for media that will never be purchased. We are happy to raise this barrier on a case by case basis for channels that have begun to generate revenue.

  • Is Pivotshare’s streaming technology secure? We take our publisher’s content seriously. Any video streamed to a customer is done so via bank-level security.


  • Where is Pivotshare Headquartered? Pivotshare is proudly built in Southern California.

  • Does Pivotshare allow Adult-themed content? Pivotshare strongly believes that artists should be free to create and share their vision as they see fit, but for legal reasons Pivotshare does not permit video content that is of a sexually explicit/pornographic nature. To see more about our content policies, please click here.


  • How can I get people to see my channel? Getting viewers, let alone customers, requires marketing. Get on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, etc and start letting people know about your work. Connect with peers, friends, and family and ask them to help spread the word. If possible, attend local events related to your type of video to build up your network of relationships.

  • Do you offer any help with marketing? We’re glad you asked. We've released an eBook called Ten Steps to Marketing Media online. Feel free to download your own free copy here.