Treat Your Film Like A Star

Pivotshare makes your film simple to purchase and easy to enjoy.

The Embed Player that Works Everywhere

More people watch films on mobile devices than standard computers. Pivotshare's cutting-edge Embed Player technology means your film works on any modern device, including iPhones and iPads. Customers can even stream to AppleTV using Airplay.

Keeps You Informed

Every film comes complete with the Pivotshare Publisher Console—the behind-the-scenes system that puts you in control. Sure, it has analytics built in, but why stop there? Manage your film, look at income reports, and gain deep insights into your videos.

No Starting or Monthly Fees

There are no upfront costs to start selling your media, nor are there any monthly charges or "pricing plans," and there's nothing for you to buy. We only make money when you do, and take a fair 30% cut from film income to cover our basic costs. For us to succeed, we need you to succeed, which makes us committed to your success.

A Key Piece of Your Distribution Strategy

It's a good idea to put your film everywhere it can possibly go, and a great idea to lead customers to your own site. Big film destination sites get customers lost in competing content. Your own website is a more focused funnel, and our Embed Player lets you direct customers where they belong: your film and nowhere else.

Other Cool Stuff for Films

Bonus Content Support

Attach supplemental files to your film. Include behind-the-scenes photos, movie posters, even the film's screenplay. Any file works.

Your Film is the Focus

When you sell your film with Pivotshare, your customers hardly know we're part of the equation. It's not about us, it's about you.

  • Allows multi-media producers to make bank on their videos...the time is now to start a small revolution.

  • Pivotshare's been getting content creators off of YouTube's farm since before it was cool.

  • With Pivotshare, creators don't have to worry about the vagaries of picking an online video platform...All they have to do is upload a video, set their price, and Pivotshare takes care of the rest.

  • The newest kid on the block...rewards authors and publishers with revenue.

  • This is a potentially explosive idea.