Getting Started Guide

Step-By-Step Help Starting your Channel

Welcome to Pivotshare! This section will help you to get your new channel up and running. First you’ll learn how to change the main settings and the appearance of your channel. Next, the guide will show you how to add new contributors and, of course, new content. Finally, you’ll see a quick glimpse of how to promote your media on the site.Visit the Pivotshare Publisher Console and login to get started. We look forward to building your media business together!

1-Setup Your New Channel

  1. Find Settings Under Channel
    Navigate to this section after you log in and select General to setup general information like the name and description of your channel. Selecting the category section of the general settings will help Pivotshare place you into the correct category of our directory.
  2. Channel Headings
    The Channel Headings options allow you to modify the menu bar items that appear at the very top of your channel. Normally these are defaulted at author, category and popular, but you can change these to whatever makes sense for your channel.
  3. Channel Type and Subscription Price
    The upper right corner displays the type of channel you selected at signup (subscription and rental/purchase or just rental/purchase) and the set subscription price. You can change this to anything from $2.99 to $19.99.

2-Customize Your Channel

  1. Customize The Appearance of Your Channel
    Your Pivotshare channel is highly customizable to your unique tastes. By uploading a stylish background image and your logo, Pivotshare's simple design easily fits with your existing branding.
  2. Choose Channel Experience
    Under Settings > Appearance, you can set your Channel Experience, which adjusts the Channel's layout to suit your needs. Select either Showcase or Library. Showcase is perfect for Channels with fewer than 10 pieces of media, whereas Library is perfect for more robust Channels with well over 10 pieces of media or multiple contributors.
  3. Add or Change Your Channel Logo
    Pivotshare supports PNG & JPG files for the logo. In order to keep it looking good, make your logo 400px x 100px so that you don’t get any distortion. Your logo appears at the top left of the channel.
  4. Add or Change Your Background Image
    Pivotshare supports PNG & JPG files for your Channel background. Upload an image with minimum dimensions of 1600px x 1000px to ensure your Channel looks incredible.

3-Edit Your Personal Profile

In this section you can edit your personal profile, which will be attached to all of the media you upload to your Channel. Under the My Profile tab on the left side, click on About Me.
  1. Upload a Personal Headshot
    Choose a nice portrait of yourself. This headshot will be attached to all of your media.
  2. Upload a Personal Background
    The personal background will be displayed in select areas, and ideally is a more detailed, larger shot of you (perhaps a full-body shot or a shoulder-up shot).
  3. Add your Bio
    Lastly, fill out a bio so customers can know more about you. For attention-span purposes, it's best to keep your bio as brief as possible.

4-Add Your Content

  1. Adding New Multimedia
    Adding new multimedia to your channel is easy and quick. Navigate to the My Content section of the left navigation and select Add Multimedia. Click on the Add File(s) to Upload Queue button. Choose a file or multiple files from your computer and click Ok. Upload a good quality source file here as the encodings will only be as good as the source. These filetypes are supported in the upload/encoding process:
    • .mp4
    • .flv
    • .mov
    • .avi
    Once a file has completed uploading to the Pivotshare servers, the files will automatically be put into the encoding queue on the right of the screen. It can take some time for the files to encode depending on the current server load and where your files are in the entire queue. You will be shown a progress bar on the encoding process.
  2. Add Media Details
    Adding Media Details to each of your files helps customers locate and understand your media much more. Of course there are basics, like giving your media a Title and settings its pricing, but we recommend going further and adding in the venue (location), the date of media creation, and other additional details.
    In this screen, you will also choose your Content Type, which will determine what you charge for your media and how customers can access it. Options such as Subscription, Rental, Buy, and Tip Jar are available here.

5-Manage Your Content

Once you have completed the media details for your new piece of media, click on My Content and then Manage to add your image preview (thumbnail) and enable the media for viewing. In the Manage Channel Media section you will find all of your uploaded and processed files.
  1. View your Details
    Once in the "Manage" section of the Console, find one of your media uploads in the list, and click on the "Details" button on the far-right of the page.
    This will slide over a panel with the details of that piece of media, where you may then edit the media directly.
  2. Add a Thumbnail
    For each file, first click on the Details button (on the far right).
    Here you can change any information and settings related to this media. But most importantly, you can add thumbnail images for your media by clicking on "Choose Media Icon" underneath your thumbnail zone.
  3. Add a Poster Image Adding in a Poster Image is recommended. When you Embed your media on an external website, the Poster Image will be displayed. Ensure this represents this piece of media well.
  4. Add Media MarkersFor those advanced users, you can now bookmark your media for customer viewing ease. Click on the Add Media Markers tab at the top of the window. In the new window that opens you can play your video. At any point you choose you may pause the video and after selecting from the drop-down menu what Type of marker you desire, give the marker a name in the Marker Text box and click the Add Marker button. Your new Media Marker will appear in the column to the right.
  5. Set a Preview
    Within the Details area of your specific media, you can create or upload your own preview file. Click on the "preview" tab at the top.
  6. Create an Adjustable Preview
    Setting an Adjustable Preview means using the Pivotshare Console to select start and end points from your original media file. These points will be used to trim into a specific section of your media which your Customers can view before purchasing the media.
    Use the adjustable sliders to hone into the specific point in your media that you would like to use as a Preview.
  7. Add Downloadable Files If your media is available for purchasing (buying), it also means it can have downloadable files attached. Not only will your original media file be available as an attachment by default, you may also choose to upload other content. For example, attach a special diet plan to go with your fitness workout, or attach a behind-the-scenes video so your customers can get extra interesting content (much like they would on a DVD).
  8. Enable Your Media Before your media can be viewed or even purchased, it has to be Enabled. Click on the green "Enable" button located at the top of the Details panel. This will make this specific media appear within your Channel, ready for Purchase.

6-Promote Your Media

  1. Feature Your Media
    Promoting your media on the home page of your Channel helps drive traffic and purchases to where you want. Navigate to Promotion from the left menu to setup the featured images and media that will cycle on your channel homepage. You can select from a featured piece of media, a featured contributor, or a featured media category.
  2. Add A Featured Media Item
    Click Add Featured Media (or Featured Author, or Featured Category) from the top menu. Enter a name for the feature, select an image for the carousel on the channel homepage, and then select your media from the list below.
  3. Step Three: Drag to Reorder
    Once you have the media/author/category added to your promotion list, you can drag to reorder the media, or click to delete from the list.