Not Just One Solution. A Full Suite of Solutions.

For every publisher problem, Pivotshare has the fix.

For a Full Library or Just a Few Videos

Whether you're a publisher with tons of content, or you're just uploading a few videos, Pivotshare's system intelligently adjusts to suit the quantity of media available. Not only that, your content looks great on mobile devices.

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For Your Existing Website

Our Embeddable Media Player is a great way to include your Pivotshare-hosted media on your existing website. With a simple embed code, your existing site visitors can access the media of your choosing, rent it (for immediate streamed viewing), or even subscribe to your whole Channel of content. Everything is handled right from within the player itself, with no pop-up windows, no pushing users to other websites just to pay, and no hassles.

Mobile & Tablet Apps

Pivotshare works right out of the box on practically every modern platform, but for those times when a customer is using an outdated browser or unsupported technology there's the Pivotshare mobile app. Pivotshare's apps can be completely white-labeled to ensure maximum brand representation.

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Oh, and One More Thing

Downloads and Supplemental Files

Attach supplemental files to any monetized video. Include behind-the-scenes photos, a recipe PDF, or even an additional bonus video file. Any file works.

Works With Practically Everything

Our ownable, downloadable MP4 files are DRM-free and work on a ton of devices like AppleTV, Roku, Xbox, Playstation, and more.

Secure Purchasing and Playback

Pivotshare uses high-level security to protect your customer's data as well as your videos.

The Full Feature List

  • Allows multi-media producers to make bank on their videos...the time is now to start a small revolution.

  • Pivotshare's been getting content creators off of YouTube's farm since before it was cool.

  • With Pivotshare, creators don't have to worry about the vagaries of picking an online video platform...All they have to do is upload a video, set their price, and Pivotshare takes care of the rest.

  • The newest kid on the block...rewards authors and publishers with revenue.

  • This is a potentially explosive idea.